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Lasthenia glabrata (Goldfields) Wildflower Seeds

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Native SpeciesEasy to GrowFull SunMedium Soil

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About Goldfields: This California native once carpeted the valleys and coastal wetlands of the Golden State, though it is not commonly found growing wild in recent years due to decreasing wetlands. The genus name Lasthenia comes from Greek mythology, being the name of a student of the philosopher Plato. The species name "glabrata" refers to the glabrous, or smooth and hairless, foliage.

Goldfields Germination: Direct sow in late fall or early spring, pressing the seeds into the surface and covering them with a thin layer of soil.

Growing Goldfields Seeds: Seedlings may need watering until they become established; if they begin to crowd each other, thin or transplant the seedlings to a more healthy distance. Mature plants also make an excellent ground cover. This plant is very adaptable and tolerates marshy ground, sand, clay, and coastal salt marshes. Butterflies, bees, and small birds are attracted to these flowers.

Harvesting Goldfields: These blossoms do not perform well as cut flowers, and are best enjoyed outdoors.

Saving Goldfields Seeds: After flowering, the plant will produce seed heads containing small clusters of seed. Since sparrows and goldfinches love to eat the seed, harvest it promptly to avoid loss. Cut the mature seed heads, or shake them into a container to remove the seed material. Clean the seed as well as possible, then store it in a cool, dry place.

Detailed Goldfields Info: Origin: US Native Other Common Names: Yellowray Goldfields Duration: Annual Bloom Time: Spring Height: 6-12 inches Spacing: 3-9 inches Light: Full Sun Soil Moisture: Medium USDA Zone: 3a-9b Seeds Per Oz: 95,000 Produces a low plant with small, narrow leaves and masses of lightly fragrant, 1/2" yellow daisy-like flowers.

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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