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Myosotis sylvatica (Forget-Me-Not) Wildflower Seeds

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Myosotis sylvatica (Forget-Me-Not) Wildflower Seeds
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Introduced SpeciesEasy to GrowFull SunPart SunMedium Soil

Product Description

Origin: Introduced US Wildflower

Other Common Names: Woodland Forget-Me-Not, Wood Forget-me-not, Garden Forget-Me-Not

Duration: Annual

Bloom Time: Summer

Height: 12 in to 18 in

Spacing: 12 in to 15 in

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Medium

USDA Zone: 3a-8b

Germination: No pre-treatment needed. Sow seeds just below soil surface at 70F and water.

Seeds Per Oz: 46000

Spring forests come alive with this all time favorite of wildflowers! Boasting a lovely blue bloom, and also carrying with it a romantic legend that has made it's name famous, the forget-me-not is a wildflower you will want to be sure to add to your collection!

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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Featured positive reviews:

Myosotis sylvatica (Forget-Me-Not) Wildflower Seeds
Forget-me-not Seeds a Comfort
We use these Forget-me-not seeds for giving to hospice patients after their loved one has passed away. They are a reminder that their loved one is near. The seeds grow easily in the California soil or in pots and have brought comfort to many. The service, professionalism and expertise of EverWilde Farms is awesome. You are appreciated!