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Passiflora incarnata (Purple Passion Flower) Wildflower Seeds

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Native SpeciesAverage to GrowFull SunPart SunMedium Soil

Product Description

Origin: US Native Wildflower

Other Common Names: Passionflower, Maypop Passionflower, Maypop, Passion Vine, Apricot Vine

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Time: Summer

Height: 180 in to 240 in

Spacing: 24 in to 36 in

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Medium

USDA Zone: 5b-10b

Germination: Fall plant or cold stratify for 2 to 3 months for best results. Sow seeds just below the soil surface at 70F and water.

Seeds Per Oz: 850

Loved for it's gorgeous flowers and sweet fruit, the passion flower is a rapid-growing, tendril-climbing vine that is commonly seen growing wild in the southern states. Native to the south, this wildflower's larger, intricate lavender blooms look nearly tropical, and are as fragrant as they are showy! The fruit is highly edible, and if often used for juice, fresh eating, or jelly. This unique flower would be an interesting addition to any garden!

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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