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Hot Pepper Seeds - 'Serrano'

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Hot Pepper Seeds - 'Serrano'
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About Serrano Pepper: Originally native to the mountains of the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo, Serrano peppers get their name from a Spanish word meaning "from the mountains." Known and loved for their unusual combination of both intense heat and flavor, Serrano chiles are a cultural tradition in Mexico and are increasing in popularity in the United States.

Serrano Pepper Germination: Start pepper seeds indoors in peat pots about 8 weeks before the last expected spring frost. Sow them 1/4" deep and keep the soil at 80-85 degrees F until germination; provide sunlight or a grow light for 12-16 hours a day. When the outdoor temperature reaches 60-65 degrees F during the day and no less than 50 degrees F at night, transplant the seedlings 12-16" apart. Exposing the plants to the weather for several hours a day before transplanting may help prevent shock. Peppers also grow well in containers or raised beds.

Growing Serrano Pepper Seeds: Keep the soil evenly moist and weeds under control; mulching the plants may help with this. If excess heat and sun cause the plants to wilt, provide shade.

Harvesting Serrano Pepper: Harvesting hot peppers is basically a matter of personal preference. Generally, the longer the peppers mature on the vine, the hotter they will taste. Mature peppers, however, signal the plant to stop producing; if the peppers are picked when still at the green stage, the plant will go on producing. Always use a knife or scissors to remove peppers to prevent damage to the fragile stems.

Saving Serrano Pepper Seeds: Keep in mind that peppers will cross pollinate with other varietes of pepper, so isolation or caging may be necessary to preserve genetic purity. Allow the pepper to fully mature, than cut it open and remove the seeds. Spread out the seeds to dry for about two weeks. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place for up to two years.

Detailed Serrano Pepper Info: Capsicum annuum. Also known as Serrano Chili. Annual. 75 days. 4,150 seeds per oz. 24-36" height. 12-18" spacing. Produces 2-3" tapered hot peppers that mature from green to orange/red. SHU 10,000-25,000


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Hot Pepper Seeds - 'Serrano'
I love Everwild Seeds. There prices are the best on the web + great communication and customer service! How do they do it? How does everyone else not? As for the peppers, these Serrano peppers have a high germination rate and the highest quality genetics. I buy in bulk and have seeds year after year that retain there high germination rate. The bulk seeds packs will last the average gardener 5+ years. THANKS Alex Beum