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Geranium viscosissimum (Sticky Purple Geranium) Wildflower Seeds

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About Sticky Purple Geranium: Botanists believe that this flower falls into the category of protocarnivorous plants, which attract and kill insects without taking in all of their nutrients. This particular plant traps small insects in the sticky substance that covers its stem and foliage. It also has the common name “cranesbill,” because of the unique beak-like structure of the seed pods; the name “geranium” comes from the Greek word for “crane.”

Sticky Purple Geranium Germination: Direct sow in late fall, planting just below the surface. For spring planting, mix the seed with moist sand and store it in the refrigerator for 60 days; sow seeds in a flat or individual peat pots, keeping the soil lightly moist and at a temperature of 70 degrees F until germination. Germination may be slow and irregular. When the weather has warmed and the seedlings are well established, transplant outdoors to 18-24" apart.

Growing Sticky Purple Geranium Seeds: Keep the plants moist as they develop and bloom; they will naturally go dormant after blooming, but dry soil may cause premature dormancy. When grown from seed, the plants will bloom in their second or third season. Mature plants can easily be divided for new growth. Though these plants easily self-seed, volunteer plants can easily be removed or transplanted. Wild geraniums attract butterflies and bees.

Harvesting Sticky Purple Geranium: These delicate blossoms do not last long as cut flowers, and are best enjoyed in the garden.

Saving Sticky Purple Geranium Seeds: After the flowers fade, distinctive beak-like seed pods will form. As they ripen, they will split into five parts and explosively release their seed. In order to gather the seed, the pods must be removed as soon as they begin to turn brown and before they split. Spread the pods out to dry, covering them to contain the seeds as the pods split open. Separate the seed from the pods and store the cleaned seed in a cool, dry place.

Detailed Sticky Purple Geranium Info: Origin: US Native Other Common Names: Sticky Wild Geranium Duration: Annual Bloom Time: Summer Height: 12-20 inches Spacing: 12-15 inches Light: Full Sun to Part Shade Soil Moisture: Wet USDA Zone: 3a-9b Seeds Per Oz: 3,250 Produces a plant with deeply divided, toothed 6" leaves and five-petaled 1-1/2" light to bright fuchsia flowers.


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