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Vegetables - Endive Seeds

Feel free to browse our fine selection of vegetable seeds. Clicking on the photo or name of any vegetable will take you to a page containing more information about that species. Also note that larger quantities of vegetable seed can be purchased by clicking on the drop-down menu.
Broadleaf-Batavian-Endive-Seeds.gif Endive Seeds - 'Broadleaf Batavian' Be the first one to write a review
Also known as Escarole, this endive resembles a lettuce head with its wide, curling leaves. The healthy green makes a pretty and tasty addition to your favorite summer salads. For the most tender and flavorful product, plant either early or late in the season to avoid the hot season.
Catalogna-Emerald-Endive-Seeds.gif Endive Seeds - 'Catalogna Emerald' Be the first one to write a review
This is a favorite among the endives. Emerald green in its color, it makes a nice contrast with the garnet colored varieties.
Catalogna-Garnet-Stem-Endive.gif Endive Seeds - 'Catalogna Garnet Stem' Be the first one to write a review
The dark green leaves and bright red stems of this endive will add great color to your salads! Matures in 55 days.
Green-Curled-Ruffec-Endive.gif Endive Seeds - 'Green Curled Ruffec' Be the first one to write a review
This heirloom Endive variety produces deeply cut dark-green leaves in loose heads which blanch to cream in the center. Adds great crisp texture to salads and beautiful appearance adds character to your garden! Very hardy and resistant to cold wet weather. Flavor actually improves after light frost! Matures 75 to 100 days after sowing.
Rossa-Di-Verona-Endive-Seeds.gif Endive Seeds - 'Rossa Di Verona' Be the first one to write a review
Developed by Italians in the 1950's, this “radicchio” boasts striking ruby leaves which forms a round, solid head. Sprinkle in a green salad or a gourmet casserole for distinct color and flavor. Northerners will enjoy planting a variety that thrives on the cooler weather. May even plant late summer for fall eating.
Sugar-Loaf-Endive-Seeds.gif Endive Seeds - 'Sugar Loaf' Be the first one to write a review
Strongly resembling the more familiar Romaine lettuce, this gourmet variety is valued the chefs of France and Italy. Light green leaves form compact heads weighing 2-4 pounds. A slightly bitter flavor adds unique flavor to any salad.
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