Herb Seeds

Feel free to browse our fine selection of vegetable seeds. Clicking on the photo or name of any vegetable will take you to a page containing more information about that species. Also note that larger quantities of vegetable seed can be purchased by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Herb Seeds - 'Arugula'

Arugula is the perfect herb to add flavor to your salad with its delicious spicy flavor! Cut in 21 days for baby leaf and reach full maturity after 40 days. Dark green leaves grow in loose heads and have their best flavor when they are 2-3” long. Sow seeds every three weeks for a continuous summer harvest! Average water needs. Self seeds freely, and may be invasive. Deadhead if you do not wish for volunteer seedlings.

Herb Seeds - 'Roquette Arugula'

Plant this Arugula variety in your herb garden and use its greens to add spicy/non-bitter flavor to your salads, sandwiches, and other recipes! Young leaves can be used fresh, and mature leaves can be cooked. This plant is quite hardy. Sow successive plantings for harvest all the way through summer! 35 to 55 days to maturity.

Herb Seeds - 'Anise Basil'

The anise/licorice flavor of this variety of Basil compliments fish, tomato, or fruit based recipes! Especially popular in Italian or Thai dishes! Prefers full sun and regular watering! Leaves have a purple flush and stems are rose-colored. This variety is attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds!

Herb Seeds - 'Cinnamon Basil'

Cinnamon Basil is a Mexican cultivar with decorative, purple-flushed foliage, light pink flower spikes and a distinctive cinnamon-like aroma! Use fresh or dried leaves in your cooking! Popular for use in herbal tea and potpourri! Attractive foliage and blooms also make this a valuable ornamental addition to your herb garden! Full size plants range from 18-30” tall by 12-18” in width. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Clove Scented Basil'

The foliage of this herb is clove/mint scented! Use as a food flavoring, tea, or simply a sweet-smelling, decorative addition to your herb garden!

Herb Seeds - 'Genovese Basil'

Genovese Basil is widely regarded as the best herb for pesto and garlic-flavored dishes! Plants grow 20 to 30” and may yield up to 7 or 8 cuttings each! Medium dark green leaves average 2 to 3” in length and have a strong spicy fragrance and taste. Slow to bolt! Average water needs. Water regularly, but do not over water.

Herb Seeds - 'Italian Large Leaf Basil'

This popular Basil variety has the largest leaves of any of the basil varieties. Sweet, spicy flavor can be used in a wide variety of ways in the kitchen...cooked, fresh, in sauces, salads, cooked dishes, etc! Plants grow 24 to 32” tall with large green leaves from 2 to 4” long. Compared to Genovese, the scent and taste is more sweet and mild. Slow bolting. This variety self sows freely, so deadhead if you do not want volunteer seedlings! Italian Large Leaf Basil is suitable for growing in containers, and attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds.

Herb Seeds - 'Lemon Basil'

Lemon Basil adds great citrus flavor to seafood, pasta, and vegetables! Specialty low-growing herb variety with medium sized, pointed leaves that have a delightful lemon fragrance. This hardy herb matures slightly earlier to harvest than most commercial strains.

Herb Seeds - 'Licorice Basil'

Licorice Basil is used to add a mild licorice flavor to recipes...especially good with fish, in salads, or to flavor candy! Purple spikes make this an attractive as well as tasty addition to your herb garden!

Herb Seeds - 'Purple Ruffles Basil'

This attractive herb variety grows about 1 ½ feet tall and has beautiful ruffled purple leaves. The scent and flavor of Purple Ruffles Basil contain a hint of licorice and cinnamon. Decorative as well as delectable! AAS winner!

Herb Seeds - 'Siam Queen Basil'

A uniform and attractive Thai Basil with a relatively strong clove-like flavor! Adds great taste to soups and various dishes! Medium green leaves grow up to 2” long and have an intense licorice-basil aroma. Deep red-purple flowers form in compact clusters, adding to this herb's decorative value. Does well in sun and shade, has average water needs and is great for growing in containers! Good bolt resistance. 70 days to harvest.

Herb Seeds - 'Borage'

Several parts of this plant are useful in the kitchen! Young leaves can be added to salads, and pretty blue flowers can be candied, used as a garnish, or added to drinks-- especially teas! Want to attract butterflies and bees to your herb garden? Borage will help you do just that!

Herb Seeds - 'Caraway'

Caraway is a favorite spicy herb for adding flavor to breads, salads, etc! Use leaves to flavor food during the first year, and use seeds the second year. Used to treat indigestion, flatulence, and colic. May be invasive. Average water needs. Water regularly, but do not over water.

Herb Seeds - 'Catnip'

Catnip is a vigorous growing mint loved by cats. It is brewed into a tea to treat colds, headaches, flu, and fever. Tea also has a relaxing effect on children. Plants grow up to 36” tall. Grayish green leaves have a strong mint-like flavor and may be harvested 75 to 85 days after sowing. Attractive to bees and may be used to aid pollination in your herb garden! May be invasive. Deadhead if you don't want Catnip to self sow! Average water needs. Perennial.

Herb Seeds - 'Common German Chamomile'

Common German Chamomile produces tiny, daisy-like, apple-scented flowers that may be harvested 55 to 65 days after sowing. Used for a relaxing fine flavored tea and as a gentle sleep aid. Leaves and flowers are antiseptic. Annual.

Herb Seeds - 'Winter Chervil'

Feathery, parsley-like leaves of Winter Chervil have a mild, sweet, anise-like flavor and are popular in cooking, salads, and as a delicate garnish. This annual plant grows from 10 to 15” tall and does well in light shade. Harvest begins about 60 days after sowing. Sow in July or August for fall harvest. Loses flavor when dried.

Herb Seeds - 'Garlic Chives'

Garlic Chives grow up to 12” tall and produce attractive white flowers, great for your herb garden! Thin, flat leaves with a nice garlic flavor are used to add that hint of garlic to sauces, dips, salads, vegetables, etc. Seed stems are also harvested and used in oriental dishes. 80 to 90 days for leaf harvest and 150 to 170 days for seed stems. Moderately hardy perennial. Mulch where temperatures are -10 degrees or below. Average water needs. Self sows freely, deadhead if volunteer seedlings are not desired.

Herb Seeds - 'Chives'

Foliage grows 6-12” tall and has a mild onion flavor great for flavoring a wide variety of dishes! Grass-like clusters of hollow leaves grow back quickly after being cut. Chopped leaves make an attractive garnish! Round balls of pink flowers are very showy and beautiful and can be used as a garnish as well! First harvest is 75 to 85 days after sowing. Suitable for growing in containers and attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Average water needs. Perennial.

Herb Seeds - 'Leisure Coriander' (Cilantro)

Here is a high yielding, bolt-resistant member of the dill family with a pungent flavor! Popular flavoring in many types of cuisine throughout the world! Leaf harvest of 7 to 8” plants at 35 to 40 days after sowing. Great for hot climates! Desert grown seed is tested for freedom from Bacterial leaf Blight.

Herb Seeds - 'Curled Cress'

Known also as Peppergrass, this slow bolting garden cress produces plants up to 8” tall with dark-green finely cut curled leaves. Sprouts add zesty, spicy flavor to sandwiches, etc! First harvest of sprouts about 10 days after sowing.

Herb Seeds - 'Pepper Cress'

This variety has a sharp, tangy flavor similar to watercress. Harvest may begin 10 days from sprout, and Pepper Cress regrows after cutting! Plant successively for continuous harvest of tasty leaves! Some shade tolerance.

Herb Seeds - 'Cumin'

The young leaves of Cumin make a great addition to salads, and its spicy seeds are a well-known spice to add flavor to your recipes! Seeds is also useful to aid digestion. Foliage is similar to that of dill, and has small pink flowers. Best grown in warm climates, and prefers full sun. Attractive to bees, birds, and butterflies. Self-sows freely. Deadhead if volunteer seedlings are undesirable. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Bouquet Dill'

This most widely grown cultivar, Bouquet Dill, is a worth while addition to the herb garden! Leaves can be used to flavor dishes, especially those containing, eggs, potatoes, and fish! Large seed heads are great to use when pickling! Leaf harvest may begin at 40 to 50 days and seed heads at 90 to 100 days. Dill is widely used in Scandinavian cuisine. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Water regularly, but do not over water.

Herb Seeds - 'Dukat Dill'

This dill has a high essential oil content and is the sweetest of all! Dukat is similar to Bouquet in size and color but has slightly heavier foliage and begins blooming 5 to 7 days later. Better adapted to warmer growing conditions and holds leave stage longer than other varieties. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Mammoth Long Island Dill'

Mammoth Long Island Dill is used as a pickling spice, food flavoring, and garnish. Leaves can be dried for later use. Grows a little taller than Bouquet with sparser foliage and is more green (slightly less blue-green) in color. Higher yields and earlier maturity than other varieties. Considered the best variety for pickling! Attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Florence Fennel'

The feathery foliage of Florence Fennel is used to flavor salads, fish, sauces, etc. The celery-like bulbous stalk base is cooked as a vegetable. All parts of this widely adapted plant are aromatic with an anise-like scent and flavor. Plant height varies 24 to 36”. Leaf harvest at 50 to 60 days. Self sows freely. Deadhead if you don't want volunteer seedlings.

Herb Seeds - 'Fenugreek'

Young sprouts of Fenugreek are used in salads. Ground seeds are a common ingredient to curry powder, and dried leaves are used to flavor Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. This erect aromatic annual produces richly scented, creamy yellow, pea-like flowers, a great addition to your herb garden! This plant has average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Hyssop'

The bright blue flowers of this member of the mint family add lovely color to your herb garden! Leaves may be brewed into a tea with soothing and medicinal properties for colds, flu, sore throat, bruises, and burns. Perennial. Fragrant, and attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds.

Herb Seeds - 'Vera Lavender'

Add beauty and fragrance to your herb garden with this variety, and attract bees, butterflies, and/or birds! Lavender is used for drying for use in sachets and potpourris and is also popular in perfumes. Plants grow 18 to 36” tall and produce a profusion of lilac-purple flowers on silvery foliage. Perennial. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Lemon Balm'

Strongly lemon scented, Lemon Balm is a popular ingredient of herbal teas and potpourris! Fresh leaves give a nice lemon flavor to salads, soups, sauces and meats. Lemon Balm is also valued for its medicinal properties! Used to treat colds, flu, indigestion, etc. It is a perennial that grows up to 30 inches tall and produces insignificant pale yellow flowers in summer. Should be mulched to protect plant in harsh climates. Attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. May be invasive. Deadhead to prevent self sowing.

Herb Seeds - 'Sweet Marjoram'

This perennial is usually grown as an annual and has a lovely sweet aroma and a mild oregano flavor. Attractive plants make a great addition to the garden! Small gray-green leaves are picked before flowers appear and can be used fresh to flavor foods. Marjoram also retains its flavor when dried! Plants grow up to 24” tall. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Average water needs.

Herb Seeds - 'Vulgare Oregano'

Vulgare Oregano is a very popular “pizza herb” widely used in Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking. Leaves can be used fresh or dried and add warm spicy flavor to your favorite recipes! Bright blue-green plants grow 6” tall and up to 24” in diameter. Leaves can be harvested in 85 to 95 days (before flowers appear). Perennial. Drought tolerant.

Herb Seeds - 'Rosemary'

Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen shrub with upright branches and tough, needle-like leaves. Pine/mint flavored leaves are used to flavor meat, soups and stews. Used fresh or dried. This perennial can reach up to 6 feet by the 2nd or 3rd year. Fragrant and attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Rosemary can be grown in containers and prefers well-drained soil. Drought tolerant! May aid headaches and stimulate circulation.

Herb Seeds - 'Broadleaf Sage'

Broadleaf Sage is a shrubby perennial with broad, dusty green leaves which have a savory flavor and tempting aroma. Traditionally used as a poultry stuffing and to season meat. Beautiful silvery foliage and an early summer blanket of tiny lavender flowers make a showy addition to any herb garden! Used as a digestive and nerve tonic. Perennial. Grows up to 30” tall

Herb Seeds - 'Summer Savory'

The peppery flavored leaves of Summer Savory are used either fresh or dried to flavor meat, bean and egg dishes, as well as salads! An added benefit—this plant repels insects! An annual variety that grows up to 18” tall. Harvest 60 to 70 days after sowing. Grows well in well drained soil.

Herb Seeds - 'Large Leaf Sorrel'

Sorrel is a hardy perennial plant that produces some of the earliest greens in the spring! Slightly tangy, lemon flavor adds zest to salads and is especially good with fish! Leaves grow up to 8” long and can also be cooked like spinach or used in soups. Leaves can be harvested over a long period of time. Remove flowering tops to keep leaves tender. May be invasive. Dead head if self sowing is not desired.

Herb Seeds - 'Common Thyme'

Great fresh or dried, this indispensable kitchen herb is a very hardy perennial shrub that grows up to 15” tall. The whole plant (leaves, stems and flowering tops) of Common Thyme is used to flavor a wide variety of dishes. Aids sore throats and coughs. Can also be used as an aromatic, ornamental landscape herb. Drought tolerant and attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds!

Herb Seeds - 'Red Garnet Amaranth'

The beautiful foliage and blooms of Red Garnet Amaranth will be a great addition to your garden! Green foliage show its red highlights best in hot conditions. Delicately flavored sprouts can be used as a garnish for your salads and can be harvested in 15 to 30 days. Young leaves can be cooked like spinach. Or, if you wish to attract birds to your herb garden, let this variety go to seed, and your feathered friends will enjoy a feast! Average water needs.


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Herb Seeds

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