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Seed Kit - "Plain and Simple" Pickle Garden

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The "Plain and Simple Heirloom Pickle Garden Kit" is designed for those who enjoy gardening, but especially like fresh cukes and pickles.  Maybe you do not have time to plant and harvest an entire garden, but would like to enjoy a simple little garden that will grow plenty of what you need for fresh cucumbers and pickling needs.  Then, this kit is for you!  We picked the best heirloom cucumber for pickling that we could find, and paired it with heirloom onions and dill that have been used by generations of pickling professionals.  

This Kit includes:

“National Pickling” Cucumber Seeds

         Originally developed by the National Pickle Packers association, it is considered by many to be the perfect packing pickle.  It is an open pollinated heirloom.

“Crystal White Wax” Onion

        This is a common onion to be used in pickling,  as it produces small pearl or bulb onions.  May also be used to as a bunching or scallion onion.  Some say this onion is day neutral,  and some say it is short day  Either way, it should produce nice small onions in any region of the country.  Open pollinated heirloom.

Dukat Dill

        This variety of dill has stays fresh longer than bouquet dill, and matures later as well.  It is considered to be the sweetest dill.  I have spoken to professional picklers, and this is their dill of choice.  Open pollinated.

“Dahlia Flowered Mix” Zinnia: wide range of colors, easy to grow, loved by bees and hummingbirds.  It really brings them in and very easy to grow.  

4 Wooden Garden Markers


1 Sharpie Marker


1 CD of Gardening Information, and several printed articles.


This kit contains 4 total seed packets, with approximately 3,500 seeds and a net seed weight of .6 oz.  Compare our generous seed packets, from the top growers, with the 21st century seed packaging and you will find this to be a very good deal! Exact varieties will vary with availability. If you would like to know the exact varieties included, just call or email me and I can let you know.


For beginning gardeners and advanced gardeners alike I include articles and information on growing basics, seed saving, crop rotation, etc. We include a CD-ROM disk which has 40+ helpful articles and books from experts across the USA on gardening. You can do this!


All of our packets are packed in multi-layer PET/LLDPE, resealable, premium packages. The future of seed packaging is here! This package will keep your seeds safe for planting for years to come, as it is impervious to moisture. Slow absorption of moisture over time in a standard paper packet will kill the long term viability of the seed, which is why most paper packets allow your seed to degrade significantly in germination performance in just one season of storage. Why most seed companies use paper packets is mystery to us. Not so with the packages from Seed-Kits.Com! Seed arrives from the grower at a very low moisture content, and as soon as it arrives to us it is packaged in glass or mylar containers until being packed especially for you. Your seed should arrive to you in a state as fresh as is possible today. We buy our seed from very high up the “food chain” from among the top growers in the USA, and we test all of our seed in our office to ensure that it has excellent germination.


We are a Wisconsin licensed seed labeler, with regular inspections by the USDA Dept. of Agriculture, and also a Wisconsin registered Limited Liability Company. This is important as most sellers out on the web are not licensed to sell and package seed, and offer no protection for the customer. This is why we guarantee or our seed to grow in the purchased growing season. If you have trouble with your seed (seed packet, seed kit, package failure, etc), we will refund the cost plus shipping or send you a replacement free of charge. See our guarantee page for further details. We are gardeners like you, and want you to be taken care of!


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