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Seed Kit - "Herb Garden"

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Product Description

New for 2017, the Culinary Herb Garden Kit.  This is a collection of popular herbs for kitchen use that have been used for generations.  This garden collection contains the following jumbo heirloom seed packets:











-11 wooden garden markers

-1 CD of gardening articles, and several printed articles.

-1 sharpie marker

- Zinnia Dahlia Mix, for those pollinators!  We know from experience that these will bring those pollinators to you in big numbers.  

Approximate seed count on this garden kit is 16,800 seeds, with a total net seed weight of around 1 ounce.  Compare our generous seed packets, from the top growers, with the 21st century seed packaging and you will find this to be a very good deal! Exact varieties will vary with availability. If you would like to know the exact varieties included, just call or email me and I can let you know.

We test grow our seeds to make sure they will be easy to grow, and are as fresh as possible.  All of our seeds are stored in moisture proof containers, and are packed for you in our multi-layer, resealable, PET/LLDPE packaging at the time of your order.  Our seed packets also have clear back panels so you can see the seed in the packet. This packaging is among the best available today, and will keep your seeds dry and full of life for much longer than standard paper envelopes.  

A few varieties are among the more difficult to grow from seed (namely rosemary, and parsley), but it is possible and you can do it!  These seeds are so fresh and full of life that it makes it easier than what you may have tried before, so it is worth your try!  At this price, it is a good opportunity for some fun and learning at the same time.  Some of these herbs grow so easily and fast that they are literally springing up in about two days or so.  

I include with each kit a wealth of gardening information gleaned from sources far and wide, and for the herb kit I put together a special article on growing, harvesting, and using each herb.  I also include a helpful paper I wrote on getting beginner gardeners started growing for the first time.  All you will need is a location or containers to grow your plants (hint: sunny, warm spot for herbs!), and the will to learn and have fun with seeds.

All of our seeds are untreated, Non-GE (Non Genetically Engineered), open pollinated seed; sourced from some of the top growers in the USA.  Many of these seeds, probably all are heirloom varieties as well, but the exact varieties will vary with availability.


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