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Pole Bean Seeds - 'Kentucky Blue'

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About Kentucky Blue Bean: Calvin Lamborn, a seed expert from Idaho, developed Kentucky Blue when he crossed Blue Lake and Kentucky Wonder pole beans. His project started as an attempt to gain a bean that would fulfill the Japanese market for straight green beans. He achieved his goal of a straight bean that inherits the best qualities of its heritage; this bean received an AAS award in 1991.

Kentucky Blue Bean Germination: Plant after the last frost, since pole beans are very sensitive to cold. Place the seeds 2" deep and 10" apart, allowing them to grow on a trellis or other vertical support as soon as they emerge from the soil. If using a teepee structure, plant them in groups of 5-6 plants per pole. Germination usually takes place in 14-20 days. For companion planting benefits, plant pole beans with corn; this provides natural support for both the vines and the corn stalks.

Growing Kentucky Blue Bean Seeds: Keep the soil moist to ensure healthy plants and a productive crop, taking care not to disturb the blossoms as they form. Mulch helps conserve moisture, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature.

Harvesting Kentucky Blue Bean: Expect your first beans about ten weeks after germination. Daily harvesting improves production; for best flavor and tenderness, pick the beans when they are no larger than a pencil in thickness. Serve or preserve the same day you harvested them for the freshest taste.

Saving Kentucky Blue Bean Seeds: Near the end of the growing season, allow the beans to dry completely on the vine; the pods will be light brown, and the seeds will rattle inside. Remove the seeds from the pods. After the seeds are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry place for up to a year.

Detailed Kentucky Blue Bean Info: Phaseolus vulgaris. Annual. 58 days. 90 seeds per oz. 72-96" height. 36-48" spacing. Produces green beans 6-7" long.


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