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Pole Bean Seeds - 'Kentucky Wonder Pole'

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About Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean: First appearing in the late 1800s, Kentucky Wonder Pole beans are descended from an old variety of pole bean called Texas Pole. When first introduced, Kentucky Wonder had the name of Old Homestead. In 1877, James J. H. Gregory & Sons made it available in their catalog. It immediately became widely popular for its flat, stringless pods that could be eaten fresh or dried for soup beans.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Germination: Plant after the last frost, since pole beans are very sensitive to cold. Place the seeds 2" deep and 10" apart, allowing them to grow on a trellis or other vertical support as soon as they emerge from the soil. If using a teepee structure, plant them in groups of 5-6 plants per pole. Germination usually takes place in 14-20 days. For companion planting benefits, plant pole beans with corn; this provides natural support for both the vines and the corn stalks.

Growing Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds: Keep the soil moist to ensure healthy plants and a productive crop, taking care not to disturb the blossoms as they form. Mulch helps conserve moisture, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature.

Harvesting Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean: Expect your first beans about ten weeks after germination. Daily harvesting improves production; for best flavor and tenderness, pick the beans when they are no larger than a pencil in thickness. Serve or preserve the same day you harvested them for the freshest taste.

Saving Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds: Near the end of the growing season, allow the beans to dry completely on the vine; the pods will be light brown, and the seeds will rattle inside. Remove the seeds from the pods. After the seeds are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry place for up to a year.

Detailed Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Info: Phaseolus vulgaris. Annual. 67 days. 90 seeds per oz. 72-96" height. 36-48" spacing. These flat green snap beans grow 7-10" long.


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