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Linum perrene (Blue Flax) Wildflower Seeds

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Introduced SpeciesEasy to GrowFull SunDry Soil

Product Description

About Blue Flax: Because of the valuable fibers that can be harvested from the stems, this European native once played an important role in the production of linen fabric, ropes, and nets. Though it is no longer used for this purpose, it has become a well loved wildflower for its hardiness and perfect sky-blue color.

Blue Flax Germination: Direct sow in late fall or early spring, planting just below the surface of the soil. This species does not transplant well.

Growing Blue Flax Seeds: Water occasionally, controlling weeds to allow the seedlings to become established. Full growth and flowering usually does not occur until the second season of growth. Mature plants tolerate drought well, but flourish with occasional watering. Unless the seeds are being harvested, cut back the plant after flowering to allow for new growth next season.

Harvesting Blue Flax: These blossoms do not perform well as cut flowers, and are best enjoyed outdoors.

Saving Blue Flax Seeds: Allow the seed pods to dry completely on the stem; break them open to collect the flat, dark seeds. Store them in a cool, dry place.

Detailed Blue Flax Info: Origin: Introduced US Wildflower Other Common Names: Prairie Flax, Perennial Flax Duration: Perennial Bloom Time: Spring Height: 12-24 inches Spacing: 12-15 inches Light: Full Sun Soil Moisture: Dry USDA Zone: 3a-9b Seeds Per Oz: 20,000 Produces a plant with narrow leaves and abundant 1-2 sky blue, five petaled flowers.

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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