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Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue) Wildflower Seeds

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Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue) Wildflower Seeds
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Native SpeciesEasy to GrowFull SunPart SunShadeMedium SoilAttracts HummingbirdsResists DeerCut Flowers

Product Description

Origin: US Native Wildflower

Other Common Names: Foxglove Penstemon, Talus Slope Penstemon

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Time: Summer

Height: 24 in to 60 in

Spacing: 15 in to 24 in

Light: Full Sun to Woodland

Soil Moisture: Medium

USDA Zone: 2a-8b

Germination: No pre-treatment needed. Sow seeds on soil surface at 45F and water. Slow to germinate.

Seeds Per Oz: 123000

This beautiful wildflower can take a month or more to germinate, but once itís blooming in your garden it will be worth the wait! Birds and butterflies are drawn to this carefree perennial, which also makes a lovely cut flower. The white flowers can be tinted with pink or purple, and the foliage is accented with a maroon-red color.

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue) Wildflower Seeds
good plant
Bought this last year for 2015 growing. Excellent germination at 60F (I have no way to get light and 45F). I grow in jiffy mix, jiffy strips. Plants did well after transplanting to individual jiffy cells, and after planting outside in semi-shade locations, No blooms first year. Have bought more to grow this year (2016 spring).