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Tradescantia bracteata (Prairie Spiderwort) Wildflower Seeds

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Native SpeciesAverage to GrowFull SunDry SoilAttracts ButterfliesCut Flowers

Product Description

Origin: US Native Wildflower

Other Common Names: Longbract Spiderwort, Small Spiderwort, Common Spiderwort

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Time: Spring

Height: 9 in to 12 in

Spacing: 12 in to 15 in

Light: Full Sun

Soil Moisture: Dry

USDA Zone: 3a-8b

Germination: Fall plant or cold stratify for 2 to 3 months for best results. Sow seeds just below the soil surface at 60F and water.

Seeds Per Oz: 8900

The three-petaled rose to purple blooms of this wildflower only last for a day each, but the tight clusters of buds successively bloom from late May into early July. The iris-like, arching green leaves fold lengthwise from which the flower bedecked stems arise. When these stems are cut, a sticky secretion is released which becomes threadlike and silky upon hardening. The common name, 'spiderwort' comes from the nature of this web-like hardened secretion, though the beauty of this wildflower really deserves something more becoming!

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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