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Forest-Green-Parsley-Seeds.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Forest Green' Be the first one to write a review
The tall stems of this curled parsley keep the leaves clean and off the ground. Useful both for cooking and as a fresh garnish. Good flavor and yield, and high in amino acids. Grows well in containers and is cold hardy.
Hamburg-Rooted-Parsley.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Hamburg Rooted' Parsley Seeds - 'Hamburg Rooted'
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Hamburg Rooted parsley has a slightly different use than other parsley varieties! This old fashioned heirloom variety produces fleshy parsnip-like roots up to 10 inches long that are cooked as a vegetable! Dark green leaves may be used like ordinary parsley and are great for salads! Roots mature in 85-95 days. Attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds!
Italian-Giant-Parsley.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Italian Giant' Be the first one to write a review
Italian Giant has strong parsley flavor more pungent than curled types! Plants grow 2-3' tall. Perfect for use in salads, soups, etc., and preferred for most Italian dishes. Attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.
Moss-Curled-Parsley-Seeds.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Moss Curled' Be the first one to write a review
An early maturing variety, the deeply cut and curled leaves have extra rich flavor. Stems average ten inches long, and the thickly curled leaves make a lovely garnish. Does well in sun or shade, and is mature in 70 days.
Plain-Single-Parsley.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Plain/Single' Be the first one to write a review
Also known as Single Leaf or Flat Leaf this variety is similar to Italian Giant with slightly less uniformity and less cold tolerance. Flavor is richer than curled varieties! Plants is attractive to insects, butterflies, and/or birds. Ready for harvest in about 75 days.
Triple-Curled-Parsley.gif Parsley Seeds - 'Triple Curled' Be the first one to write a review
This is a fast growing plant with closely curled dark-green leaves. Great for use as a garnish, Triple Curled parsley has a pleasant flavor with a milder pungency than Italian Giant. Good uniform strain. 75 days to maturity.
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