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Vegetables - Popcorn Seeds

Feel free to browse our fine selection of vegetable seeds. Clicking on the photo or name of any vegetable will take you to a page containing more information about that species. Also note that larger quantities of vegetable seed can be purchased by clicking on the drop-down menu.
Brown-Sugar-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'Brown Sugar' Be the first one to write a review
Popcorn that you will want to watch grow through out the summer, harvest in the fall, and pop for enjoyable, cozy, family evenings around the fireplace on cold winter evenings.
Japanese-Hulless-White-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'Japanese Hulless White' Be the first one to write a review
This white heirloom variety continues to be a favorite for its delicious flavor and tender quality. The prolific plant bears approximately four inch ears which pops into snow white popcorn with a very soft, barely detectable, hull. A popular choice for a child's school project.
Lady-Fingers-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'Lady Fingers' Be the first one to write a review
An heirloom from Amish country, these plants grow slim 6-7 inch ears. The yellow kernels pop into very small, hull-less popcorn bursting with goodness. May also be used for ornamental purposes.
Red-Strawberry-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'Red Strawberry' Be the first one to write a review
Named for its 2-3 inch strawberry-shaped ears, this fun variety can be used either for edible or decorative purposes! The dark red kernels contrasted with light husks provide a striking addition to an autumn arrangement. Or, watch the ruby kernels turn white when popped. The short, stocky plant stalks may also be dried and used for autumn décor.
Shaman's-Blue-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'Shaman's Blue' Be the first one to write a review
This exciting blue popcorn receives high marks for both visual and taste appeal. The unique blue/purple kernel pops into mounds of snow white popcorn that will satisfy any popcorn lover with its slightly sweet flavor.
South-American-Yellow-Open-Pollinated-Corn-Seeds.gif Popcorn Seeds - 'South American Yellow' Be the first one to write a review
A wise choice for popcorn lovers! This prolific variety bears 2-3, 6-9 inch ears per plant. When popped, the large yellow kernels produce a buttery tasting popcorn.
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