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Vegetables - Turnip Seeds

Feel free to browse our fine selection of vegetable seeds. Clicking on the photo or name of any vegetable will take you to a page containing more information about that species. Also note that larger quantities of vegetable seed can be purchased by clicking on the drop-down menu.
Golden-Globe-Turnip-Seeds.gif Turnip Seeds - 'Golden Globe' Be the first one to write a review
Enjoy perfectly shaped, golden turnips with fine grain and sweet flavor. Smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh never becomes woody. Pull at three to four inches for best quality. Ready in about 55 days, these turnips keep well.
Purple-Top-White-Globe-Turnip.gif Turnip Seeds - 'Purple Top White Globe' Be the first one to write a review
This is the most widely grown turnip variety world wide! The tops of this versatile vegetable can be cooked as greens, and its edible roots are good for storing, canning and freezing! Slightly tapered globe shaped roots, purple above ground and white below ground, are best harvested when 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Flesh is sweet mild and fine-grained. Matures in 45 to 65 days.
Seven-Top-Turnip-Seeds.gif Turnip Seeds - 'Seven Top' Be the first one to write a review
This variety does not produce an edible turnip root, but is grown for the best-tasting turnip greens you'll ever eat. Very nutritious and high in calcium, and tasty in salads or steamed. Dark green leaves can be harvested at 45 days and just six inches high. Reaches almost two feet high at full maturity.
White-Egg-Turnip.gif Turnip Seeds - 'White Egg' Be the first one to write a review
White Egg is a great turnip variety for bunching, with roots that are nearly round and are white in color. Flesh is crisp, tender and sweet. Fast growing and especially popular in southern areas.
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