Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroot) Wildflower Seeds

Blooming the Spring, the white flowers are short-lived, giving way for this wildflower's attractive foliage....

Quantity: Native SpeciesChallenging to GrowPart SunShadeMedium Soil

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Origin: US Native

Other Common Names: Coon Root, Indian Paint, Red Pucoon, Red Root, Snakebite, Sweet Slumber, Tetterwort

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Time: Spring

Height: 4 to 6"

Spacing: 9 to 12

Light: Part Sun to Woodland

Soil Moisture: Medium

USDA Zone: 4a-9b

Germination: Fall plant or cold stratify at 40F for 1 month, then move to 70F. Some seeds may take two seasons to sprout.

Seeds Per Oz: 1700

Rising 6-10" tall, this rhizomatous, native wildflower is often seen in large colonies on the shaded forest floor. The white flowers which bloom in the Spring are short-lived, and only open in the sun. For this reason, this perennial is primarily grown for it's attractive foliage. It's common name of 'Bloodroot' is in reference to the bright reddish-orange sap secreted from all parts of the plant when damaged or cut. This sap was once used by Native American Indians for dye. All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.



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Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroot) Wildflower Seeds

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