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Gold Vault Packet Ever get frustrated with a paper seed packet tearing wide open and spilling your seeds all over the ground? Ever wish that you could easily seal your left over seeds in the packet for future use? Ever wish that seed packet companies would provide a better packet for long-term storage of the seeds? Well, we did too - and we decided to do something about it! Combining old heritage Peasant Artwork on the outside, and space-age materials on the inside, we have created a superior packet for the home gardener:

The Mylar material is used to prolong the seed viability and ensure that your seeds are as fresh as possible. The Mylar material has a foil layer sandwiched between two poly layers and creates a material that is impervious to moisture, and thus greatly extends the storage life of your seeds. This technology is also used for long-term food storage by agencies like NASA, and the military.

The peasant artwork portrays the rich heritage that has been passed down to us with the seeds that these people grew, harvested, and preserved for us. The idyllic life that they lived is often painted in drab colors by the artists of the day, but we have combined it with rich metallic gold accents to celebrate the good work that they accomplished. Having grown a fields of flowers and vegetables ourselves at Everwilde Farms, we can identify with the hard, long hours, and yet the rich rewards of good seeds to pass on to our children.
Gold Vault Packet