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Whisper of Wings Native Seed Mix

Size Price Quantity
250 Sq.Ft. $30.00 -+
500 Sq. Ft $40.00 -+
1000 Sq. Ft. $64.00 -+
2000 Sq. Ft. $112.00 -+
5000 Sq. Ft. $240.00 -+
1/4 Acre $464.00 -+
1/2 Acre $864.00 -+
1 Acre $1,600.00 -+
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Imagine your landscape filled with nodding flowers and grasses, beckoning graceful visitors to its radiant display! Beauty invites! Expect to hear the whisper of wings in your delightful haven especially designed to attract and feed Nature's winged creatures. Hummingbirds, Monarch Butterflies, and other feathered friends will fill your summer with the joy of living. From the Columbine's triumphant spring entry to the Aster's exploding finale 'Whisper of Wings' provides a long selection of color and food. Enchanting! If you would like to take a more detailed look at this wildflower seed mix in chart format, click here.