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Starlit Desert Native Seed Mix

Size Price Quantity
250 Sq.Ft. $52.50 -+
500 Sq. Ft $70.00 -+
1000 Sq. Ft. $112.00 -+
2000 Sq. Ft. $196.00 -+
5000 Sq. Ft. $420.00 -+
1/4 Acre $812.00 -+
1/2 Acre $1,512.00 -+
1 Acre $2,800.00 -+
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Turn your dryland prairie into a oasis of color with our beautiful 'Starlit Desert' mixture. Combining the brilliant blue stars of the 'Prairie Blue-Eyed Grass' with the radiant fuchsia blooms of the 'Button Blazing Star', we have created a large selection that will enchant your landscape. Hardy and resiliant, these low maintainance perennials will bring refreshing hues of life and color back to your prairie. If you would like to take a more detailed look at this wildflower seed mix in chart format, click here.