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Chrysanthemum multicaule (Yellow Daisy) Wildflower Seeds

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Introduced SpeciesEasy to GrowFull SunPart SunMedium SoilCut Flowers

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About Yellow Daisy: Actually a type of chrysanthemum, this low-growing plant has been cultivated in China since the 15th century. Flowers in this family were often included in herbal remedies, since they were thought to prolong life. By the 17th century, this flower grew in Europe and North America. Before hybridization and the wide variety of today’s chrysanthemums, many of them looked like this variety. In 1753 the famous botanist Carl Linnaeus gave this flower its genus name, derived from Greek words meaning “golden flower.”

Yellow Daisy Germination: Direct sow in spring after the last chance of frost, sowing on the surface of the soil; press the soil down lightly and keep moderately moist until germination, which should take place within 14-20 days. To start indoors, sow on the surface of a flat 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring. Keep the soil lightly moist and at a temperature of 70 degrees F until germination. Transplant or thin the seedlings to 12-15” apart as soon as they reach a height of several inches. This flower prefers rich, well drained soil but also tolerates poor soil.

Growing Yellow Daisy Seeds: Water seedlings regularly until they become established; mature plants also appreciate regular watering, but too much moisture will cause disease and root rot. When grown from seed, this plant will bloom in about 3 months. Watch out for aphids, which can cause damage to the plant. If blooming decreases, cut the plant back by half for more blossoms and new growth. These plants grow best in moderate to cool temperatures. As well as growing well in rock gardens, this plant makes a stunning addition to hanging baskets or containers because of its trailing stems.

Harvesting Yellow Daisy: This flower is best displayed outdoors, since it is unsuitable as a cut flower.

Saving Yellow Daisy Seeds: Late in the season, allow the blossoms to fully mature; when the centers turn brown, cut them off and spread them out to dry away from direct sunlight. After about two weeks or when the heads have fully dried, rub them lightly to separate the seed from the husks. Store the seed in a cool, dry place.

Detailed Yellow Daisy Info: Origin: Eurasia Other Common Names: Mini Marguerite Duration: Annual Bloom Time: Summer Height: 6-12 inches Spacing: 6-9 inches Light: Full Sun to Part Shade Soil Moisture: Medium USDA Zone: 3a-8b Seeds Per Oz: 24,000 Produces low growing plants with small, rubbery leaves and 1˝” daisy-like flowers with round yellow petals and yellow centers.

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Note: Many wildflowers can grow in areas outside of their natural range.


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