Three Gift Ideas For Your Holiday Season

Saturday, December 10th, 2022

Are you asking yourself how you can begin to live more sustainably and be more self-reliant in our current economic climate? Do you want gift ideas for your loved ones that will keep on giving? Are you wondering how to cut out extra costs to balance what inflation has done to your bank account?

Many of us are finding ourselves taking stock of our resources and wondering what we can do to
practically prepare for our family’s futures.  As we think about these things many of us are becoming more interested in homesteading and how we can “live off the land” in whatever way possible.
One small but impactful way you can begin doing that is to grow some of your own food. Growing your own food is cheaper, healthier, and also offers the chance to put your hands into soil. Experiencing nature and life in a close-up way can truly be therapeutic. This can be as simple as an indoor pot of herbs or greens or as intensive as a field with vegetables of all kinds. You may even be able to grow enough food for your family as well as other members of your community.

The holidays are an awesome time to incorporate sustainable gifts and practices into you and your family’s lives. We have some great options for you if you are looking for ways to avoid the collection of more things, and want to promote relationships and sustainable lifestyles. We want to present you with several collections of seeds that you can then use to create your own unique gifts. You can buy some or all the varieties listed in each bundle and create your own kits with them.

The Zesty Microgreen bundle

Grow Food Indoors

You will need to buy a growing mat (if you use Amazon you can get various mats there) as well as these seeds. Microgreens are a great option during the winter if you live in a climate that’s too cold to grow things outdoors during those months.

Microgreen gift idea #2: Order the microgreens of your choice from and grow
them in time to serve at your holiday gatherings. Or grow, harvest, and put them into fun containers and gift them to your neighbors just in time for their holiday gatherings.

The Winter Salad bundle
* Bloomsdale spinach
* Early Frosty Garden Pea
* Dwarf Siberian Kale
* Swiss Chard
* Champion Radish

Salad Greens

If you find yourself craving salads and want to provide ways for yourself or your friends to have those fresh greens during the cooler temperatures of the winter season, this bundle is for you. Depending on your zone, the Winter Salad Bundle is perfect for fall or early spring planting. In some areas you may even be able to plant this bundle in the middle of winter. Just make sure to check the seed packet for directions concerning frost (if you expect a frost you can cover the plants overnight with plastic or row cover. A cold frame is a great investment as well.) These varieties can also be planted in containers if you don’t have a plot of land to use for a garden. If you want to gift this bundle, you could include gloves, a gardening book, fertilizer or soil enhancers, or several fun garden tools. You could even print a certificate offering your help with preparing the soil and/or the planting process.

The Tea Bundle
* Lemon Balm
* Chamomile
* Lavender
* Peppermint or Spearmint
* Echinacea

Hot Tea

These may not be appropriate for planting quite yet in your zone but you may gift these in a basket with the tools necessary for starting them indoors when the time comes. You may also want to include a tea infuser, or tea pot and tea cup. These herbs have all been shown to have a variety of useful purposes and growing them yourself will greatly reduce the cost. It will also give you the satisfaction of having grown herbs that you can use to improve your immune function and may even improve sleep quality.

Enjoy giving gifts that keep on growing this year!

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