How to Stratify Your Seeds

Thursday, April 7th, 2022
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You may have noticed some of our seed varieties state the need to be planted in late fall or “stratified” prior to spring planting. But what, you ask yourself, is stratification and how do you do it accurately?   Natural Stratification – By planting in the fall, nature takes its course …

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Growing Food Indoors

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019
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Large seeds such as sunflower benefit from a fine covering of soil. Young leaves (cotyledons) have a nutty flavor and a pleasant crunch. If you’ve never grown Microgreens, now is the time. These little bursts of flavor pack a substantial nutritional punch, and you can grow them in the light …

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Everwilde Farm’s Blog

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

From sowing to growing!  Look for lots of tips and helpful information about making your seeds germinate, grow and produce!