Plan a Stress-Free Garden in 5 Steps

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

What would you be eating today if you only ate what you grew in your garden last year?

Obviously, we as Americans have the ability to find produce within easy access of our homes, but we know many of you are looking for more personalized, sustainable options this year, and we are here to assist you in that process.

If you feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of seed options, garden options and the cacophony of experienced voices in the agricultural department, take a deep breath. 

Grab a pen and paper, maybe some tea, and let’s plan together. 

  • Look at your available space and consider how much of it you want to turn into garden. Some of us only have balconies, some of us have acres and acres of land. One of the biggest factors in determining whether or not your garden will ‘make it’ is whether you have the energy and time to invest into the size of garden you choose. You will be more likely to be satisfactorily rewarded if you start with something you know you can handle. Roughly sketch out this space to give yourself a feel for the area.


  • What are you interested in growing? Are you dreaming of gathering bushels of food or bundles of herbs or bouquets of flowers? Or do you want to simply scatter seed and watch it grow? List the types of seeds/gardens that interest you (e.g. meadow garden, potted vegetables, herb bed), and under each type list the specific things you would grow in the event you choose that specific garden. For example, if you choose herbs, will you do 31 different herbs or only 5? Which flavors are important to you? Use our zone lookup map to find out which zone you are in as you decide which seeds to go with.  
  • After you have several lists of potential things to grow, begin to formulate a plan for growing those things. Now is the time to choose the method. What is your soil like? Which nutrients will it need before it can effectively grow plants? Will you use raised beds or rows, vertical or square foot gardens? Do you need containers or a greenhouse or cold frames? Write these details out as well. This will eventually be turned into a ‘to buy’ list once you are ready to shop.


  • Take your “Things I Want to Grow” list; and read descriptions of each item, noting when it should be planted, or if it will do well in your zone. Narrow down the options until you have a finalized plan, and then decide whether you will buy seeds or plants/cuttings. If you do seeds, take the germination time into consideration. Many seeds such as tomatoes and peppers etc. should be started indoors in a well lit, warm area before planting outdoors. Refer to your original sketch and mark out where you will plant each variety. 
  • Begin looking for seeds from trustworthy vendors. Keep in mind that heirloom seeds can be collected and then replanted next year which means that if you buy heirloom it can be a one-time purchase!

Stay tuned for next time’s collection of online resources for gardening inspiration!

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