Weekend Gardening Inspiration

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

In our last post we talked about how to create a basic garden plan or outline, as well as how to make lists that will help us think through the process of ordering seeds and supplies. By now, some of you are probably already beginning to start your own seeds, others are ordering seeds and plants and cuttings, and some may still be in the planning phase.

Your lists are long and your hopes high, so while we wait [patiently] for spring to arrive, we are sharing several links for your inspiration and/or practical garden needs. Listen to an Interview with Paul Gautschi about what he calls the Back to Eden gardening Method. Find a raised bed for your lettuce or cilantro or sweet potatoes on a shop from Etsy. Another shop owner named Justin makes planter tables that are waist height for those who find it difficult to bend over to garden. (early Mother’s day gifts anyone? )

Whatever you are planning to grow this year, remember to make it fun. Be flexible, laugh, try new things, and don’t hesitate to invite all available hands to help with planting and watering and weeding and harvesting. Pro tip: keep ice cream bars or mint tea on hand to treat the hard workers to later!


Here is a fun apartment gardening tutorial that is exciting us this week:    https://www.thespruce.com/apartment-gardening-for-beginners


Interview with Paul Gautschi if you are interested in the Back to Eden Gardening Method.


If you are concerned about the PH level of your soil, now would be a good time to acquire one of these handy soil testing kits: https://www.amazon.com/Testing-Strips-Garden-Outdoor-Indoorsoil+testing+kit



How to grow Microgreens indoors, without soil. Find the seeds here on our website. (Personal favorite is the radish and peas)


Another blog post for those of you who love DIYing, shared by a couple who put raised beds together themselves.  https://totallyoffourgrid.com/new-raised-beds/


Ready built supplies may be the route you need or want to take. If so, follow the links below. You can buy everything from cold frames to stepping stones to markers for your various plants from Etsy, and you will be supporting more small businesses as you do so.

Take advantage of these 12 spring gardening tips from other experts in their fields!

Enjoy the inspiration everyone, and remember to put your seed order in with us as soon as you have it compiled as everything is in high demand this year. Cheers!

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  1. Love your website it seems easy to get around and get info I want. I ordered but I also need the the inoculant for peas & beans & I could not find it on your site.

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