Grow Up! Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Not all of us have lots of space for a large garden, but when your vegetable plants grow upward instead of outward the sky’s the limit! Not only does it free up space but growing vertically can actually increase your yield. Here are some great ideas for do-it-yourself garden supports, and the right vegetables for each kind.

Pole Beans

The first type of support is the tripod. Just three sticks (saplings or bamboo) tied together at the top, it’s super simple to make by yourself. This shape will support peas, tomatoes, peppers, nasturtiums, and hops.

If you use five or more long sticks in a large circle and make a teepee support, you can grow pole beans. If you leave an opening, imagine how much fun kids would have playing hide and seek inside a teepee of morning glories!

We’ve all seen tomatoes growing in the common tomato cage, but what about using that simple support for other vegetables? Try a tomato cage over zucchini plants to reduce sprawl and keep the ripe produce off the ground.

You can grow climbing vines around the base of your garden fence, or use that concept in the middle of the garden by adding a trellis. A piece of purchased lattice or even a network of sturdy netting between two poles will support cucumbers, squash, grapes, and even melons. 

To create a tunnel shape, you can purchase a livestock fence panel and secure the short ends in the ground. This gives a welcoming entrance to any garden. Pole beans will climb up to the top, and make harvesting a breeze!

Harvesting Pole Beans

If you have an exterior wall near the garden, try securing wood crates or shelving against the wall and planting smaller vegetables or herbs in pots. Or try vegetables instead of flowers in hanging baskets around the patio. Some great options are cherry tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and peas.

Adding vertical growing to any garden can add visual interest, even if you have plenty of room on the ground!


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