Is It Spring Yet? February Garden Checklist

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Depending on where you live, February is the time when most of us are still dealing with cold temperatures and impatiently waiting for spring. Growing zones 5 and below are still too cold to start seeds, and it may seem like there isn’t a lot to do in the garden. But right now is when our gardens are poised and ready to spring into action, and there are a surprising number of things we can do to help them off to a great start. On your mark, get set, go!

  1. Turn your compost piles. (More about the Basics of Composting Here!)
  2. Keep those bird feeders filled, to encourage our feathered friends to stick around and help with pest control all year.
  3. Get out the pruners and cut fall-bearing raspberries to the ground. Now is also the time to prune apple and pear trees, and cut back Ivy and Virginia Creeper.
  4. Build any additional raised beds you’ll want for the vegetable garden.
  5. Deciduous trees and shrubs can be moved, as long as the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged.
  6. Plant out bare root roses now.
  7. Make sure to mulch your perennial vegetables like asparagus and artichokes.
  8. Leek and onions can be started under cover from seed.
  9. Cut ornamental grasses to about an inch above the ground.
  10. Last but not least, draw up your garden plan and start ordering seeds!

    So many to choose from!

Many of the seeds that you’ll plant later will need to be pre-treated by scarification or stratification. To learn all about that process, take a look at this post about Cold Treatment and this post about Pre-Soaking.  Check out this helpful video How to Build & Set Up Your Flower and Vegetable Indoor Grow-Light Station: All The Practical Steps! Don’t forget to browse the fantastic varieties of seeds available on the Everwilde website, and look for a post about new varieties coming soon!

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